Midwest Statistical Consulting, LLC.

Revealing the Power of Your Data


Creating an effective, valid and reliable survey instrument is both an art and science that is best not left to those without specific training in their design. Superficially, a survey is designed to gather information from a target group(s) and provide a means of measuring responses. However, all too often I see survey instruments that are either too short or excessively long while also incorporating overly complicated measurement. Further, inconsistent methods of asking questions and providing for responses are confusing to the participant in the survey. This can lead more than a few survey participants to toss the survey into the garbage can. An additional consideration when survey instruments are incorrectly constructed is that the data collected lacks validity and is often of questionable value to the organization needing the information.

I can provide surveys constructed specifically to the question at hand and that will elicit valid responses from a group of participants that provide reliable and trustworthy data for the organization requesting the information. Organizations and service providers that take the time to send out surveys, be they customer satisfaction or employee engagement, need reliable and valid data for their decision making needs. Surveys constructed and analyzed by me satisfy both of these needs for my clients.